Point of Sale

QuickBooks POS retail


QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)

QuickBooks POS set-up and trouble-shooting are our specialty!

How we can help with your QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS):

  • Set-up & Configuration of your new Point of Sale system.
  • Ensure that you get started off right and avoid costly problems later!
  • Migrate existing data into Point of Sale.
  • Train new users
  • Trouble-shoot problems with your existing Point of Sale system.
  • On-going support
  • Integration with existing shopping cart, or create new online cart directly from POS

Let us help you evaluate if Point of Sale is right for your retail business with a remote demonstration. We offer preferred pricing on all Intuit-related products and monthly discounts and promotions.

Susan has taken a mess ( at best) Point of Sale and financial file and turned it around 100%. I now have a precise view of my financial position and inventory calculations on a daily basis. She not only understands, but also respects a client that is swamped with other tasks and cannot meet face-to-face regularly. Many of our ‘meetings’ are done remotely which helps tremendously!! The difference she had made is extraordinary!
– Katie, ktjanes


Susan has been a huge asset to my business from the get-go. Her ability to ‘dumb down’ QuickBooks accounting and to simplify the POS ( Point Of Sale) exchange had made the day-to-day and month-to-month operations of my business extremely manageable.
– Jen, Why Not? Boutique