Integration Tools

  Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks 

Data Integration Tools

QuickBooks is powerful software, but like all of us, sometimes it needs a little help.  We use the Transaction Import/Export Tools from Baystate Consulting to import and export transactional data in and out of QuickBooks. 

Transaction Pro Importer – transfer transaction or list data to QuickBooks from Excel, text file, Access, and other databases that supports ODBC

Transaction Pro Export Wizard – easily export transactions or lists from QuickBooks to Excel or text file format.  Use in tandem with the Transaction Pro Importer to move data from one QuickBooks file to another, regardless of software version

Transaction Pro Deleter – delete unwanted transactions and lists from QuickBooks

As part of the Transaction Pro Consultant’s Network, we have to expertise to assist with you field mappings, automate the import/export process, and provide training.  Let us know what you have in mind.

If you would rather try it on your own, follow this link to purchase the Transaction Pro tools.